• Fujitsu Lifebook Product Design Concepts.

    ‘Lifebook’ A full personal computer and phone in one device. Wireless transmission of the display to various size screens including connecting to HD television displays. With an appropriate size display screen the lifebook replaces individual tablets, laptops and desktops. Computing software on the Lifebook or in the cloud. No docks and no wires. The Lifebook will place more demands for on board power so Lifebooks have external battery packs as well as an internal battery. The external battery packs can be swapped without switching off the device. Conductive charging pads allow for continuous use without wires. Spare batteries and Tablets can be left on the pad to charge. Wireless keyboard for use when the Lifebook is used with larger displays. Ultra slim portable display screens with built in adjustable stands that fold flat to the case. Touch screen Tablets allow low cost due to minimum internal electronics. The Lifebook can work as a mouse and track pad when using the larger display screens.